Episode 1: What is Global Oncology?

Episode 1: What is Global Oncology?

Dr Susannah Stanway

What is Global oncology? Is cancer a big problem in low and middle-income countries? How can we get involved?

Dr Susannah Stanway talks us through the field and the vast opportunities for improving cancer care globally. In the UK, Dr Stanway works as a consultant medical oncologist in the Breast unit at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. In this episode, Dr Stanway shares her extensive experience in education, research and health-partnerships in low and middle income countries.

Listen in to learn more about her work with The Institute of Cancer Research, The Royal College of Physicians, The American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Journal of Global Oncology and much more.

We would highly recommend the annual conference regarding global oncology at the Royal Society of Medicine led by Dr Stanway. Each year there is the opportunity to submit work for the Vanessa Moss Prize so look out for the deadline. Find out more information here.

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