Episode 2: Setting up a radiotherapy unit in Tanzania

Episode 2: Setting up a radiotherapy unit in Tanzania

Dr Beda Likonda

Why is radiotherapy so important in global cancer care? How is a radiotherapy unit set up? What are the key considerations?

In 2017, Tanzania’s second radiotherapy unit treated its first patient. In this episode, Dr Beda Likonda from Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania, describes his experience of the entire process including set-up of the facility, machine procurement, staff training and more.

Dr Beda Likonda trained as a doctor in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. After working as a medical officer for several years, he travelled to Tata Memorial Hospital in India, supported by the IAEA, to complete his training in radiation and systemic therapy. Returning to Tanzania as a clinical oncologist, Dr Beda Likonda now works within the oncology department at Bugando Medical Centre that is led by Dr Nestory Masalu.

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